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2024 Consumer Brand
Salary Reports

Most popular! Download our current salary reports, your guide to fair market salary and bonus ranges for consumer brands across food, beverage, beauty/personal care, and cannabis.

Food Industry Salaries

Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverage

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Wine and Spirits Salaries

Alcoholic Beverage

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Beauty Industry Salaries

Beauty, Wellness,
personal care

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Cannabis Industry Salaries


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Thought Leadership

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Building the Teams of Tomorrow

We asked some of today's top marketers about strategic decisions they were faced with during the pandemic and the ripple effect marketers at all levels will continue to navigate.

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Watch: Building the Teams of Tomorrow

A passionate conversation around marketing in the wake of one of the most difficult years for consumer brands. Marketing leaders weigh in on their driving marketing in uncertain times

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Gen Z Goes To Work

In partnership with St. John’s University, ForceBrands surveyed 450 recent and soon-to-be college graduates about their social media and job searching plans, and expectations for their first job after graduation.

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Talent Insight Surveys

Employee Insights Report

We Asked.
You Answered.

Download the results from our ongoing LinkedIn polls and surveys designed to provide a current pace on the modern workplace.


• Compensation Talent Survey - Download

• Attracting & Retaining Talent Survey - Download

• Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Survey - Download

• Professional Development Survey - Download

• Employee Mental Health Survey - Download

• Talent Mobility Survey -  Download